The intersection of cyber security, policy, and compliance

BAP PolicySecure

Security only exists with true visibility. BAP shines the light.


BAP Bridges the Gaps

Between Policy and Compliance…

By highlighting the deficiencies in implementation

Between the claims of cybersecurity products and reality…

By providing on-demand event log data reporting

Between the IOT landscape and human workflow…

By merging technical and non-technical data into 360-degree dashboards


Granular Customization

Every organization is unique. BAP’s solution offers an unparalleled level of customization. From policy to devices and system security to human touch points, PolicySecure can be tailored to your organization’s environment and mission.


Automation. Automation. Automation.

Toss the spreadsheets and manual processes! Creating digital policy systems means the work goes in up front and then reporting is a snap. Our technicians will integrate your security standards and map them to daily activities and event logs, providing true and on-demand data at the levels of interest - by location, area of risk, policy, or device. 


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